This view, will never get old 😍

How to relentlessly persist, even when you sometimes feel like giving up.

The reason I want to talk about this today, is I actually had a major meltdown the other day when I was surfing. This photo was obviously pre temper-tantrum. 😂

Told you guys, I am putting it all out there haha!

Physical fitness is extremely important to me. We only get one body (until we can replace all our parts with robots… super stoked on that tbh) and I would like mine to be in the best shape possible. And I like to eat like a pig, so there’s that too. Gotta work out to balance things out. 😉

So basically what happened on this surf was I was just not having a great time out there. It was actually the shittiest time ever. I was getting beat down, again and again, by waves that were way too big for me. So I had a little tantrum, like the adult I am, got out of the water, and sat there all pouty on the sand like a total fucking loser. 😒

Probably going to have to get a new identity after that one. 😂


After reflecting on said incident a day later, I decided I needed to apply my principle of relentless persistence to this very situation.


WTF am I talking about?

Getting back out there, and continuing to push myself to be better.🏄 Keep catching waves, and know that I will get crushed again, again, and again. But, the wins will slowly become bigger with higher frequency the more I apply myself. 💪🏻


Persistence is EVERYTHING.


If there’s anything I’ve learned in this life, it’s that those who just keep on pushing forwards, are the people who usually end up winning.

Think about how many other people before Steve Jobs had the idea of the personal computer. I actually had the damn idea for the iPad when I was 6, and my dad told me it wasn’t possible. (God dad, I could have been the next Steve Jobs if my genius had been more carefully cultivated. 😒😉)

Steve did not have an easy time in the beginning, middle, or… erm… end. (Awkward..) He constantly faced technological, business, and personal challenges throughout his entire career. He had flop after flop, a small win, another flop, was kicked out of his own company, and then asked to rebuild it. CAN U EVEN IMAGINE. 😵

Did he give up? Did he EVER sway from his mission? Even when he was forced to leave, he still created, and pushed forward.

Persistence is key to success. 🔑 This is all just a game of seeing who can stay standing the longest, and in the end, those of us still standing, win.

And I like to win.

Persistence is something I apply to my life in both short term everyday actions and my long term perspective. It comes very easily to me most days, and on occasion, I feel like I need an extra push to keep moving forward.


Here are some strategies I use to stay PERSISTENT when feeling a lack of motivation or discouragement:

1) Take a step back

Did something go wrong? Have you lost sight of your end goal? 🔭

Sometimes I find stepping back, pausing, and assessing why I am feeling a lack of motivation or discouragement is a great way to get myself back on track. ✔️

And I literally step back. Whatever is bugging me or not going well, I will stop, go do something else, not think about it, and then a day later come back to the issue and 99% of the time the solution comes to me right then and there.

Boom. Science.


2) Get some inspiration

The other day I shared the fitness accounts I follow on instagram that help get me going in the morning when I reallllly don’t want to workout. I also follow people who motivate me (@garyvee talking about you!) who I listen to/watch/read about.

Sometimes all you need is a good dose of inspiration, from someone you admire.👑 Think about who inspires you, and make sure you are following them on your social media of choice! It will come in handy when you least expect it.

As for the heros we are getting our inspo from, just remember, it took them a long time to get where they are. “Overnight success” are only overnight in the public eye. To the person who is the success, it was years and years of smart + hard work. 🙏🏻


3) Write down your goals, put them where you can SEE them!

6 months ago, I wrote this blog post on achieving your 10 year goals in 6 months.

✨I have achieved almost every single thing I wrote down on that list.✨

How did I do it?

I wrote my list down on a piece of paper (which I still have) and taped it to the mirror where I do my makeup and get ready in the morning. 💅🏻

You will see that paper, every single damn day. EVERY DAY.

Lots of days you will just ignore it, but I find, on the days when I need it most, I read it, and am reminded of the awesome journey I am on, and feel re-focused on my mission.

It works, like a charm.


We will all have dark times in our life, times where we feel like we are lost or lack motivation. What proves our strength is our ability to come through, learn from these experiences, and bounce the fuck back!

Persistence should be applied to all things you see value in, and are important to you.

Let’s go get those goals, and be PERSISTENT! The payoff will be long term, but oh will it ever be sweet.🍬

Tomorrow, you can find me surfing. 💪🏻




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