Sick days the worst days. Seriously. I hate being sick! Why is it a thing that has to happen? It could just not happen and everyone would be happier. But alas, here we are. You woke up. You feel gross. You are sick. 🙁

Getting a cold happens to the best of us, but there are ways that you can decrease the duration of your sickness and nurse yourself back to health quickly. What is my favourite trick? A special hot tea made of lemon, ginger, and manuka honey. I love this magic little drink, but the majority of people who I have made this for have hated it. (All weirdos, clearly.) Sometimes you need to do things you don’t necessarily loveeee, in order to get the result that you want! My special tea –> quicker cold recovery time. Science.

Here’s the skinny on how to make my sick day tea:

  • Hot water
  • About 2” chunk of ginger (the more the better)
  • 1/2 a lemon squeezed into water
  • 1 tsp manuka/regular honey (this is optional, but good to add if you really aren’t feeling well)

Okay so why should you drink this magical drink?

1) Hydration! Lemon and water provide your body with the electrolytes needed to hydrate your body. (Winning.)

2) Cleansing! Water, lemon, and ginger will stimulate your liver to release it’s toxins.

3) Fight that sickness! Water, lemons, and ginger help fight infections. Lemon has tons of anti-inflammatory properties and helps cure sore throats and other cold/flu symptoms.

4) Water and lemon help aid weight loss! People who have more alkaline diets, have shown to lose weight faster. (This is a bit of a side note, but a happy benefit! Haha)

5) Ginger helps with all sorts of stomach problems. If you have any stomachaches or pains… reach for ginger it is amazing.

6) Honey has natural antibacterial properties. Honey stimulates the production of cells that can repair damage from infection. Hydrogen peroxide is a component of honey, and that is what gives it its antibiotic quality!

So if you are feeling under the weather today (like me) give this tea a try. It is such a comfort to me on days that I’m sick, and it feels good to know I am actively doing something to improve my health even though I am just laying in bed. I always feel better when I am working towards something instead of passively waiting for it to happen haha… Hence I will be downing this tea allll day long.

Hope you guys like this health-boosting trick! Lots of love <3






18 Replies to “MY COLD CURE”

  1. I HATE being sick, some people say ‘its just a cold’, I’m like when I get a cold i think I’m dying and I beg god just to take me quickly.
    I love the lemon, ginger, honey combo and often just drink a hot lemon and ginger casually (so that I hopefully can avoid the sickness and the praying to god)
    That lemon is the photos looks so good too!
    Kelsey x

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