Quick iPhone snaps after Dave Chapelle’s NYE show in LA

This post title is relevant on so many levels

First, hello from 2018!!!! Here’s to hoping 2018 is slightly less of a global shit show than 2017 was.


If you didn’t read my last post (shame 😉) I’ve been very sick for a few days.

For real, this flu, was the worst. I was not able to leave my bed/couch/house for 3 days. Did not eat for 3 days (that’s how you KNOW it’s bad.) And at this point I am actually bored of sleeping. Because that is all I have done. For the last 3 days.


Sweet baby jesus, never let this happen again.

I woke up this morning and was like “I AM BACK!!!” Then sat up a bit and was more like “k I’m slightly back!!!”, then I thought “omg, food might be nice!!”

Moral of the story: this flu sucked. It is nearing it’s end and I now feel like a semi-resemblence of myself again. Woop woop! 🎊

As you can imagine, based on my condition, I had a SUPER wild New Years eve. Got wasted, partied til 6 am.🍻🍻🍻

LOLOL. jk.

Here’s what really happened:

  1. Forced my bf to make soup for me, which I couldn’t eat because I was still so sick.
  2. Stayed in bed all day “conserving energy.”
  3. Took all the Neocitran (aka cold/flu medicine delivered straight from the gods) and dragged my tucus out to the Dave Chapelle show.
  4. Went straight home to bed.

Like I said, it was R-O-W-D-Y. 🎉

I actually had a really good New Years aside from the fact that I was dying. hahah

Real for realz.

Hung out watching cartoons like Bobs Burgers & Family Guy with my bf at home until it was time to go to Dave Chappelle. Drugged up, went to the show. Enjoyed the show. Kissed at midnight (bless u Troy for making out with my snotty face… you’re an everyday hero). Went home. Slept in. Not hungover. ✔️

Ok so let’s talk about the Dave Chapelle show. It was good. But it wasn’t one of his usual masterpieces. Basically what he told us at the beginning of the show was this was the day the show he normally does was released on Netflix, so he wasn’t going to use any of that material and wasn’t really prepared.

Uhmmmmm…. WHAT?

So he and John Mayer (who was co-hosting) each did about 20 mins of their craft. John sang, and girls’ panties dropped. Dave made sweet jokes, and we all laughed. Then….


They totally ran out of content. 😂 And were just winging it. They actually did a pretty good job at it and DID stretch the show out until it was past midnight, which was appreciated, but still…

I guess I will just go watch the Netflix special today and see the show I was supposed to see last night lol. Everyone on Twitter says the Netflix special was LIT so I am defs watching it today. 👍🏻

Have to say, I was impressed that they managed to keep people entertained for so long with no plan at all. It was pretty cool. The back-and-forth banter between the two was hilarious. Dave would make a random joke and John would croon it along to the tune of “Your Body is a Wonderland.” At one point, he was legit singing about “salty tasting titties.” HAHAHAH. Can’t deal.

And John Mayer is actually very talented.🎸 Defs not his #1 fan, but last night made be respect him a lot. Man can rip on the guitar.

So all in all, I am happy to report NYE 2017 was a success despite some of the mishaps along the way.

Happy to be in 2018! Good luck with all those hangovers I’m sure the rest of the world has today ❤️ (yours truly not included, for once 😜)





  1. I’m just really happy that you watch Bob’s Burgers. That was my New Years Eve. Eating cheesecake while watching Bob’s Burgers.


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