Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

The other day I posted this photo on my instagram, and received a few panicked messages about the picture (mom, I’m looking at you lol). It prompted me to post this on my blog too, and put together a short but meaningful rant on what it means to be a feminist and why my lack of shirt in a creative photoshoot should mean SQUAT about my status in society. #freethenipple

There’s a common misconception that to be a feminist means you cannot be feminine or sexy. A great example of this is when Emma Watson, a well known advocate for gender equality, posed for Vanity Fair with her under-boob showing. The trauma. ?

Some people have the belief that feminism and the fight for gender equality (which is clearly still a battle based on recent political events) must be presented in a particular light. In my opinion the beauty of feminism is that it’s about the freedom, equality, and liberation of all genders. Feminism is giving women and men the choice to be exactly who they want to be. Feminism has no dress code, or lack thereof. 😉 As a feminist I can be an intelligent ambitious businesswoman AND have the right to be confident in my own skin.

So let’s throw some love out into the universe, and just be ourselves. Have fun, and do you. No matter how that looks. 🙂

Love all around ?


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