Can you spot the drone?

Whatsup friends!

I really hope I didn’t overly alarm any of you with yesterday’s post. 😅 I just want to keep it real here and I know that birth control and depression are a major issue that so many women go through and nobody talks about it. I mean, if we are ALL experiencing the same thing, why the f is nobody talking about it?! So crazy. Anyways, that is why I am here. 💞

In other news, Christmas came early!!! 🎄

Today my boyfriend and I did our Christmas gift exchange and spent the day together enjoying our gifts. Troy got me a drone (!!!!!!) and I got him the NES Classic Edition & some Trump toilet paper. So he could LITERALLY shit on Trump. 😂😂😂 It is legit toilet paper with Trump’s face on it. I honestly think it’s a better gift than the nintendo gaming unit that I got into a savage bidding war on ebay for. The NES Classic Edition is MAJORLY sold out everywhere (duh) and I had to go to secondary markets to get it. I am pretty sure I was in a bidding war with 12 year olds, but you know how it is with Nintendo. Gotta do what you gotta do.

K so back to my drone. I am BEYOND EXCITED to be the new owner of a drone. When the robots take over, I will obviously be first in line because I have been working with mini-robos (like drones) for ages. So the photo above is me test flying my drone. This was after I crashed it into the bushes, and sent Troy into the wilderness to find it. Of course.

I am currently in the midst of editing a ganggggster vlog🎥 from the other day at home. Still learning how to actually edit videos, so it takes me longer than I would like to publish vlogs but I am getting quicker!!!  🙂 Slowly but surely. 😜

Point being, I am going to integrate some drone footage into my upcoming vlogs as well. Super excited. It will be great.

Anyways, Uber Eats has arrived with the obscene amount of food we ordered (ramen + about 10 side dishes we defs didn’t need to order), so Ima go eat that and then continue to play with my new drone and fight over the Nintendo with Troy.


Love you guys. Thanks for accepting me for who I am. I know there’s a lot of facets to me, but, that’s just me being me.


Happy-almost-end-of-2017. This year has been a shit show, and I have SO MUCH to say about it. But that’s coming soon in a podcast. For now, ta-ta! 😘




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