Honestly, if you don’t eat pizza…

What is even the POINT.

Of life. You know?

(Deep thots)

(Artichoke added for guilt-reduction purposes.)

Skinny Belle is all about BALANCE. I eat psycho-healthy 80% of the time, and the other 20%… GIRL GOES WILD.

Like, spring break wild.

Tonight I had the self-restraint equivalent to a college girl at her first kegger.

“Just one moreeeeeeeee you guysssss, I’M NOT EVEN DRUNK I SWEARRRRR. Serrriouslllyyyyyy. But I love youuuu sooooo muchhhh.”

^That’s me, tonight. Except with pizza slices and not beer. I am a refined and classy lady in my elder age. Obviously beer makes you bloated AF so I guzzle wine instead. Like I said, classy.


Currently I am in a pizza induced coma. It isn’t pretty. There’s a reason I am not being photographed tonight. I am just a pizza eating woman trying to eat her pizza and drink her wine on a Sunday night in peace.

You feel me?

You do. I know you do.

Because we are all in this shit together. Sometimes you just don’t want to make a gourmet meal or make anything at all (cuz tireddd), and just type a few things into the internet and BOOM. Some guy shows up at your house with pizza.

Isn’t that amazing that we can do that? Push a few buttons on our phone and someone appears with pizza?


Ok I am all over the place tonight.

I wanted to blog this because… well this is just about all I have going on tonight. Clearly I am a very important person. Doing important things like attending the Oscars and all…

For those of you who are also home tonight stuffing your faces with takeout and watching the Oscars in your jammies… I SALUTE YOU.




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