How to get PERFECT, BIG, SEXY, eyelashes!

Hey babes!

My latest beauty tutorial is here – how to get perfect eyelashes!!!👀 I get asked almost daily about my lashes, if they are fake, and if not, which mascara do I use?!

All V good questions.

Because when people see me WITHOUT mascara (referencing the horrifying image on the left) they never believe that my eyelashes are real. So, here we have it! The super-duper-officially-official eyelash tutorial. And proof that I don’t wear falsies every day. 😂 Because, ain’t nobody got time for THAT. 🙅🏼

I am obsessed with this video because there are SO MANY GOOD TIPPITY TIPS IN IT!! ✔ It’s great being able to share all the tricks I learned over my many years modeling and working with makeup artists.

And makeup is fun. I’m never not having fun whilst glamming. So there’s that too.

What do you guys think? Do you like this beauty tutorial? Or, do you have another favourite? Comment and let me know!

Ifffffff you like this tutorial, pleaseeeee click here and give it a thumbs up 👍🏼 on YouTube! I’m still a noobie in the Youtube world, and the “thumbs up” really helps my content get seen. 🙏🏼 Pls and thankssssyou! ❤

Also: thanks for your patience with the quality of my videos. It’s still only been about 3 months since I first shared a video, and I didn’t even notice the EXTREME difference in quality between my first posted video and now. I actually had someone comment on YouTube the other day saying how I used to look really shy and awkward and now I am being myself and the quality of my editing/filming has improved drastically. After she commented I went back and watched my earlier videos… OH MY GOD. I am already so embaressed and want to delete hahaha. Fuck. Oh well. They will be there for us all to laugh at I guess. Anyways, kind of a random tangent I am on here but I just wanted to thank you for your patience — I am so used to being photographed and writing all the time, but the video thing is new for me. The learning curve has beena wee bit steep, but I promise you things will be better and better with every edit. If there is something you ever want to see, please TELL ME! Slide on into my dms, comment here, whatever. I value your input a LOT. ❤

LOVE YOU ALL. GOOD LUCK IN THE OLYMPICS!  WHICHEVER TEAM YOU ARE CHEERING FOR! The whole world has come together for this event. Pretty epic considering the climate of things right now. (Again, the olympics really has taken over my life lolz.)





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