Yesterday in Yosemite

Hey friends!

A quick hello from Yosemite. We arrived yesterday just in time for sunset and were able to catch some gorgeous magic hour light here. ✨

Legit to get this photo Troy and I were RUNNING through the forest like a couple of wild hoodlams to get to the spot where the sun was still shining (shit was rapidly setting) and scraping our knees and falling all over the place.

(I’m crazy, fully aware lol)

Mid run we realized there was a path just a few meters to the right of us, where the normal not-psycho people were walking to get to the same spot.


I mean, whatever right? If it takes running through a thick forest to get “the shot” before the sun sets… gotta do what you gotta do.

Maybe this is why everyone hates millenials… hahah 😆

Anyways, Yosemite is INCREDIBLE. We really didn’t have enough time to actually explore the entire park, as we only arrived shortly before sunset. Way way way too much to see even in a whole day. So we are planning a proper 3 day trip or so in the summer to go back and see everything that Yosemite has to offer.

I might even camp. 😱 A slightly horrific and wild thought, but it might happen. At least it would make for good comedy lol.

For the short while we had to enjoy Yosemite yesterday, I honestly could not have been more impressed. There is just no feeling in the world like realizing how tiny and insignificant you and your problems are. Hahah really though! When you are sitting at the base of this majestic cliff, it honestly makes your problems seem SO insignificant. Because you realize how small you are in comparison to this rock, and even this universe.

OK that got real philosophical. Not typically my style but the mountains give me alllllll the feels. ❤️

Moving right along….

*Awkward cough*

Today we are in Lake Tahoe!

We are staying in this dope condo in the North Village, and though there isn’t a lot of snow it is still fun fun fun. Nothing makes me happier than being in a ski village, and obviously skiing.

It is my sport, my life, my love. If you are new to Skinny Belle, I actually grew up downhill ski racing (aka those weirdos in the spandex suits who race around the poles in the snow) so this is really the only sport I am good at haha! Wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Ok off to go bother Troy (bae) and make him come with me to get my ski bindings adjusted to my new boots. As one does.

Talk soon! 😘




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