Vancouver, Canada is one of the most unique cities in the world. Today’s Vancouver travel vlog shares some of the more special places you can visit when traveling Vancity! As a born and raised Vancouverite, I happen to know a thing or two about this famous Canadian city and feel so proud to show it off in today’s vlog!

We start this Vancouver day off by renting scooters! This was admittedly a first for me (at least in Vancouver), and it was SO worth it. We rented scooters from the team at CycleBC and it cost about $15/hr or $65 all day to rent a scooter. Super fun way to experience the city through a bit of a different lens.

Next up my friend Laura Reid and I cooled off with a nice beer at a local brewery. The brewery scene in Vancouver is huge, and we decided to visit a favourite of ours called Electric Bicycle. The grilled cheese is such a good combo with pretty much any of their beers!

This Vancouver travel vlog ends in the most typical way possible… a sunset at Sunset Beach! Sunset beach has been named very appropriately, as it truly is the best spot to end the day in the city. I always recommend bringing a picnic and a blanket, and settling in for a cozy night.

If you liked this Vancouver travel vlog, make sure you head over to my YouTube and leave a comment so I can know whether or not to make more videos in the city!

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