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My best travel tips for all you babes out there!

Hellooooo from the Philippines! Right now I am in the airport in Manila, waiting for my flight to go to Coron Island. 🎉 So, I thought I would share some of my favourite travel tips for you while I wait!

Being a frequent flyer, there are lots of tips and tricks I have developed over the years to make your flying experience a little more comfortable. These tips are meant to keep you healthy and refreshed for your trip. 😊

Let’s be real. Flying is overall just generally an unpleasant experience. The air is dry, your stomach is all pissed off because you are way too high in altitude, and you are basically stuck in a tin flying can way high in the ski with a million other coughing/sick/snotty people. Can you tell I don’t love to fly? It is just a necessary evil to get where you want to go haha. And I love to travel… so I deal.

Here are some of my favourite ways to stay fresh while flying:


Eye Masks

Sephora Anti-Aging eye masks. THIS SHIT WORKS. Think about that super dry on the plane. Bringing these little masks of wonder along with you with change your world. You can use them on the plane (I have no shame… literally) because they don’t require any washing. Just put em on for 20 minutes and take them off, and you will be a new woman by the time you land. Or if you have pride, put these on as soon as you get to your hotel!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil. I generally just always travel with coconut oil because it is a super good way to refresh your skin and hair after a long flight. I like to use this instead of face cream on my first night of a trip to make sure my skin is extra hydrated. 


Vega bars. Food on planes sucks. Whether you are in business class, economy, whatever. It sucks. I make sure to bring along something healthy to snack on like a Vega Bar, so I don’t get all bloaty and gross from eating plane food. Bloaty and gross is not a cute look.

Small Meals

Do notttt overeat on planes. No big meals before or during. I don’t know about you guys but my stomach hates me the entire time I am flying. The bloat is very real. Bleh. So yea, no big meals!!


Sanitizing wipes. Planes are a breeding ground for bacteria. Do you think the staff actually wipes down the area around each seat between flights? Yaaaa right. You can bet there is just an annual/monthly cleaning of the plane. Germs, ew. So bring along some wet wipes or sanitizing wipes (something that will kill those germs) and wipe down the area around you on the plane. You will be happy you did when you see the layers of gross brown gunk coming off the arm rests. #nasty

Tea (not to drink!)

Order a cup of tea, and breathe in the steam through your nose. No, I am not losing it (k well maybe a little lol but whatevs.) This will hydrate your nasal passage and help fight the dry recycled air that is going around the plane. This will make you feel sooo refreshed when you are flying.


Okay that’s all for now! I have a few more tips that I will share with you later, but my flight is boarding so I’ve gotta run! Love you guys <3 Can’t wait to update you from the island! 





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