Today I discovered what is hands down my favourite beach in Bali. I feel like I say this about most places I go in Bali, but this is REALLY the best beach. And that is my final answer lol 😉

This spot is located at a chill beach club called Sundays. Sundays Beach Club is in Uluwatu and it was STUNNING! The club itself wasn’t super fancy or anything like Omnia, but the beach was amazing. The water is bright blue and there’s no strong current so you can actually swim!

For real this was the first time I swam in my entire month in Bali. Wild.

Had a grand old time eating, drinking, and hanging out on the beach! Highly recommend if you are ever in Bali.

Only a few days left and I’m off! This trip has flown by, can’t believe I’m almost done 🙁

Talk soon!’


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