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A few snaps from Austin, Texas + a travel update!

What a week! If you guys follow me on snapchat 👻 (@robynkim) you know that I just spent this past week in France! It was so crazy busy that I haven’t even had time to upload any of the photos yet. Let’s just say blogging in Paris > everywhere. I am SO EXCITED to share pics with you! Everything is just prettier there haha.

For today, here are a few pics a took the week before in Texas. ☺️ I am back in Austin now for the weekend before I head to Vancouver on Monday, and I have lots more to share with ya’ll soon. Plus I have one of my #1 travel beauty tips coming your way because I was thinking about it and HOW have I not shared this with you yet?? Honestly no idea. Major fail on my part lol!

Also, on my way home from the airport last night in Austin I totally stopped at In n’ Out (shameful pics on my snapchat lol.) Why is it that every time I leave Canada/USA I always have the biggest cravings for “American” food? I never eat that crap normally haha it is so weird.

Anyways, happy Friday babes!! 😘





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