To be totally honest, this ONE waterfall is 90% of the reason I wanted to come to Bali. I couldn’t believe anything like this even existed! K obviously I could “believe it”, it just looked like the most magical place i’d ever seen (in photos) and I had to know if it lived up to all that instagram hype. Sometimes things don’t haha. Nature catfishing, as i like to call it.

Today I FINALLY got to see Sekumpul Waterfall in real life.

Have to say, the waterfall itself was likely the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Had one hell of a time posing about in my little swimsuit hahaha. Really it was incredible.

Sekumpul waterfall is about 2 hours North of Ubud. Totally worth the drive imo. I’ve been staying in Ubud for a few days just to go see this waterfall because the drive from Canggu or Seminyak would be WAY too long for me. 3 hours + and both ways? 7 hours ish of driving in a day is NOT my cup of tea lol.

So anywho, hope you enjoyed this vlog! I had way too much fun making it, and can’t wait to share more soon.


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