THIS was so dang cool.

Rainmaker Park, is located about 40 mins outside Manuel Antonio. We decided to go here instead of Manuel Antonio National Park, as our local AirBnb hosts let us know that the national park was a comparable experience to the zoo.


As in, there are hoards of tours/tour guides (I HATE tour-y things) and well… yeah that’s pretty much all they told us and it was more than enough to change our plans from National Park –> private park.

Fun fact, Rainmaker Park is for sale. See, wasn’t that a fun little fact?

Anyways, there was a hella lotta nature in that place. A bit too much nature for my liking. I think I need a break from all poisonous ants, bugs, etc for like… ever.

LOL. Watch the video above and you will see what I mean!! 😛

Would you visit this rainforest park??

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