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My thoughts on Popototan Island + a resort review!

The benefits of jetlag? Getting to witness and capture the most beautiful sunrises. And two breakfasts. Eating two breakfasts is only acceptable when nobody sees you eat the first. So being the only one up at 5 am every day for the past week? Not so bad if you ask me. 😉

Staying on Popototan Island (near Coron Island) in the Philippines has been an unparalleled experience. It is honestly so chill here and I am getting way too comfortable with the “island life.” My daily schedule pretty much consists of eating (duh), sitting on the beach, snorkling, eating some more, napping, drinking some beer, napping, and sitting and watching the sunset. Again, getting wayyyyy too used to this schedule I have going on here haha. Real life might be a wee bit of a struggle when I get home. 😂

The resort we have been staying at is called Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort. I have been getting lots of questions about my stay on Popototan so I figured I would give you guys the dirty deets on the exact place I was staying. Let’s call this… hmmm… how about we call this review “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

The Good

Uhmmmmmm have you seen the photo above? It is freakin’ gorgeous. The island itself is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The sunsets, sunrises, days….. it’s all fantastic. Not to mention the foliage (trees n’ stuff) is also super cool here on Popototan Island. So lush, it makes me wonder how many days a year it actually rains here. We didn’t have a drop of rain all week long.

In terms of the hotel and rooms, it is pretty rustic feeling but I honestly didn’t mind it at all. Everything is clean and new, it just wouldn’t be a 5-star status if you ask me. Like I said before, I am major feeling the island vibes right now so I kind of really like it haha. But if you are planning on making a visit here be ready for a rustic style resort. 

The staff at Coral Bay Beach and Dive are so helpful, kind, and fun to talk with. To me this also makes a big difference to the enjoyment of your stay. The owner, a very tan Danish guy, is quite the character too haha. That would be the one who was giving me a hard time about wifi on my first day there.

Shitty wifi. Yes, I am putting this under “the good” section. Seriously. Me. The most internet loving person in the world (exaggeration but whatevs) is putting complete crap wifi under the “pro” list. It was honestly a really refreshing experience to not have my eyes glued to my phone all day long. And to be forced to actually pick up a book and read it? A great thing if you ask me.

The Bad

The food. So I was definitely sneaking in two breakfasts every day because that was the best meal they had. The food was honestly awful, and really pricey for the Philippines. There was nowhere else to eat on the island (they totally know this so tricky tricky) so you don’t have much of a choice but to eat in the Coral Bay restaurant. What we did to come prepared was bring some snacks with us for when we didn’t feel like the restaurant food.

The Ugly

Yep I got nada. If you think anything is ugly about a gorgeous private island in the middle of the ocean, you are straight up weird my friend. This was truly a great place to stay and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Okay folks, that’s all from me for today! LOVE YA BABESICLES 😘 😘 😘

P.S. If you have any more questions about my trip, please comment below!

P.P.S. More photos coming from the resort over the next little while! Stay tuned. 

P.P.P.S. ur the best K THNX BI.






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