Beach day at Playa Guiones, Nosara

Okay when they say “rainy season” is from “May to November”….  IT MEANS IT WILL RAIN EVERY DAY FROM MAY TO NOVEMBER. Well, it feels like every day lol.

For realz, the rain NEVER STOPS. So when it did stop for a hot minute, I got my tucus outside to enjoy the day. And am now writing to you from the safety of my AirBnb while there is yet another thunderstorm outside.

HAHAHAHA. Why tho.

As someone who grew up in Vancouver (aka the rain capital of the planet) I DO NOT APPRECIATE TRAVELING ANYWHERE THAT RAINS.

I spent the first 26 years of my life in this weather. (oh my god I am aging myself… stopping now..)

SO yah. I was excited the sun came back! And vlogged it. peep the vlog, leave a like, leave a comment, show me some lovin! The internet can be a dank-ass place so all positivity and love is appreciated. You know how it is 😉


Also QUESTION: for the group of us who hang out on this little blog, do you want to see more recipes posted here? It has been FOREVER since I posted a recipe and I am doing some cooking here in Costa Rica. So lmk if you want some more and I’m happy to share! Comment below <3




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