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Quite possibly the best day ever 😀

Welcome to Bali! This is where the final leg of my trip was spent. It was definitely a very unique spot that I feel a need to go back to because there was so much more to see. Whenever you are booking a trip, two weeks sounds like an ETERNITY. But in reality it flies by way faster than you could have imagined.

Anyways, one day we went to go visit some elephants. I would like to say we went to a beautiful elephant park in the middle of the jungle, but unfortunately traffic at this time of year in Bali is horrible and a 15 minute drive can take up to 2 hrs. So we just went to the closest elephant feeding area which was the zoo (gross, I know… but it did the trick haha.)

They are the SWEETEST ANIMALS EVER and I am in love. Totally need to go back and book a proper full day jungle elephant ride, one of the ones where they teach you how to ride the elephant without one of those horrible chairs on their backs. Just love those animals. Also that little bird was super cute eating his nuts there haha, couldn’t resist to post a few pics of him too!

Have you guys ever done elephant riding before? Any recommendations??



2 Replies to “ELEPHANT PARK”

  1. Love how you paired the dress with sneakers. And no I’ve never gone elephant riding. But it sounds like an excellent adventure
    XO, Kate

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