Here we are, the day of the big game. You have friends coming over last minute and you need to prep some snacks!! (Because, what is the point of football if there are no snacks…. Seriously haha.) My genius idea when making this post was to finally (because I have been wanted to share this recipe forever with you guys) share my homemade guacamole recipe. I go to the store, all stoked and stuff, and reach to pick up an avocado. They are ROCK HARD. These babies wouldn’t have been ripe for years at best. Think hockey puck status.

Being the overly-busy and efficiency-obsessed person I am, I went straight for my “guacamole for cheaters” recipe. Hahah yes, I am blogging about how you can trick your friends into thinking that you are the best guacamole maker ever.

Why would you need to know this? LIFE SKILLS (duh.) For example today, you are in the same awkward position as I am with these stupid hard avocados. Or, you are just short on time and want to make a delicious and impressive appy super quick.

So, how do I make this “homemade Guacamole” for cheaters? Here’s the skinny:

  • Buy store bought guacamole. (Just do it, this will be good I swear!)
  • Purple onion
  • Tomatoes
  • Lime
  • Cilantro
  • Salt/pepper to taste

Start by chopping up your purple onion and tomato into small little chunks. Put them into a bowl (rocket science.) Squeeze as much lime as you like on top of your onion and tomato. I like to use pretty much a whole lime, because I am a full-on lime addict. Now, chop your cilantro up super fine and add that in the bowl too. This is the total cheater part… add in the pre-made guacamole!!! Mix together and you are doneeee.

I made this for my boyfriend and his eyes were glazed-over with wonder at how great of a cook I am. (Hopefully he isn’t reading this…. If you are I am sorry I lied, it was for science.)

Anyways that’s it! This hack is soooo essential for anyone who is super busy, needs a last minute appy to make, or has the curse of hard avocados that have no hope of ripening anytime in 2015.

Hope you guys love this! Have fun making my cheater guac, and lets hope for a great game today!! I know I will be fully enjoying my food and drinks, and maybe will occasionally glance at the game. 😛





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  1. Wow that is a brillant idea!! I love guac but never even bother to buy avocados because I’m afraid I’ll use them prematurely or let them spoil. I’ll just try this next time.

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