Everyone, meet delicious skinny snack. Delicious skinny snack, meet everyone. 

Yes, this snack deserved a formal introduction. Because it is that good. I find any time you make something from simple pure ingredients, you really can’t go wrong. I love keeping things simple, in all ways. My style is usually pretty simple, and same with the food that I cook! Occasionally I like to get crazy and mix things up, but usually my motto is ‘less is more.’

So if you can’t already tell, this is simply fresh cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto and mint leaves. Sooooo simple, and oh so yummy. I like to make this as a snack in the afternoon to tie me over until dinner if I get hungry. That way I don’t end up like a ravenous animal at dinner time lol. 

Enjoy this snack! You won’t just make it once, promise 😉





6 Replies to “SKINNY SNACK”

  1. I love this idea, but as much as I love prosciutto, I love a little kick of spice even more. So, I’ve been making this delicious snack with paper-thin slices of chorizo, and it is to die for.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Robyn! xx

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