It is so easy to eat clean and healthy if you buy just a few staple food items. This is why I wanted to share my list of staple breakfast items I always keep in my fridge! When you buy foods like these, you will be able to make nutritious and delicious breakfasts. Many of which I feature here on Skinny Belle! 

Okay, here is the skinny on some staple breakfast items to keep in your fridge:

  • 0% greek yogurt
  • All-Bran original cereal
  • Frozen mixed berries
  • Chia seeds
  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Whole rolled oatmeal
  • Lemons

The above items are things I alwayyyyys keep in my fridge! So necessary. I will be sharing lots of breakfast recipes with you, that will usually (like 99% of the time haha) include one of the above items! So get shopping my friends… your mornings will be that much brighter if you eat a nutritious breakfast. Want to know why? Check out my post on the Top 5 Benefits of Eating Breakfast! Its a good one 🙂

Also, now that you have your grocery list in hand… take a look at these breakfasts that all have one of the above ingredients featured in them. I will go into further detail on the benefits of some of the grocery items above in another post! (Chia seeds, greek yogurt, etc… so stay tuned.)

Recipes to make with my Skinny Belle Breakfast Shopping List:

If you haven’t tried the above recipes, definitely do! They are yummy ones 🙂

Hope you liked this Skinny Belle Shopping List, it will make a big difference to your morning breakfast! I will be posting lots more breakfast recipes over the next while, so you guys can get even more ideas of how you can use these awesome ingredients.

Let me know what you think of this shopping list in the comments below! What would you add to it?!





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