Hellooooo Friday! And what a beautiful start to the day. As you guys probably already know, I loveeeee breakfast. I mean, it usually involves really yummy food that you get to eat right when you wake up! All great things.

So the other day I shared my Skinny Belle Shopping List: Breakfast Edition with you guys. As promised, I will be going through the list and further explaining why you need the things on it. One of the items on that list was greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is such a staple in my diet, I wanted to make a post dedicated to it. 

First things first. Do not buy sweetened yogurt. It is full of crappy refined sugar, and is frankly just a waste of calories. You can get your sugar from beautiful natural sources like the papaya pictured above. 🙂 In terms of what kind of yogurt you get, I really like Liberte. It is so smooth, creamy, and delicious it shouldn’t even be legal. Really, it is that good haha. I get the 0% fat-free flavour, which I linked above for you.

Okie dokes, so here is the best part of eating 0% sugar free greek yogurt. PROTEIN. ALL OF IT. There is 18 grams (YES 18 GRAMS!!!) of protein in 3/4 of a cup of greek yogurt. Yessssss that is the stuff I like! Protein is so key to feeling full and satisfied after a meal. And frankly with regular yogurt (has only 6 – 8 grams of protein per CUP) I just never feel full. So yes, needless to say I am all about the greek yogurt. It tastes better, has a better texture, and has more than double the protein of regular yogurt. What a thing of beauty.

So now you know!! Will you guys be switching to greek yogurt too?? Or, are you awesome and already buy it?!






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