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Happy early Labour Day to my Canadian and American friends! In honour of the long weekend, I thought I would share a recipe that should basically be mandatory to serve on long weekends. 

Meet my Chili Lime Corn — The perfect way to celebrate an extra weekend day and finish off the summer BBQ season. It is super duper simple, clean, and packed with flavour. Sometimes I fire up the BBQ and just make this corn as a snack haha. This recipe is also pretty much guaranteed to make you seem like you know what is going on in the kitchen. (Always a bonus.)

Want to get in on this BBQ action? 

Here are the ingreds:

  • Fresh corn
  • Chili powder
  • Fresh squeezed lime juice
  • EVOO (Extra virgin olive oil) or melted butter
  • Sea salt

Step 1: Turn your BBQ on to medium-high heat. Shut the lid and let that bad boy warm up. 

Step 2: Shuck your corn, and cover in melted butter or EVOO. Sprinkle with chilli powder and sea salt. 

Step 3: Put your corn (whole) on the BBQ and slowly cook for a few minutes on each “side” with the lid shut, rotating it around until the skin is nice and roasted. While the corn is on the BBQ, carefully squeeze your fresh lime juice allll over it. Once your corn is a darker yellow toasted colour all the way around, take it off the heat.

And you are done! Simple, and oh so flavourful.

I may or may not have crushed all three of these by myself. I encourage you to invite friends over so you don’t do the same. (The struggle was very real.)





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