Halloween is almost here!!! I absolutely love Halloween because it is such a great excuse to dress up and have fun with friends. That being said, I get super excited for any holiday/event where there is a bit of a theme. The sorority girl in me just can’t be tamed… any excuse to dress up and I’m there! 😉

To get ready for the Halloween festivities I decided to make some candy apples. They kind of count as being a not-so-awful Halloween treat… I mean, there is apple in there! Does that count as nutritious? Sure, lets just say this is a “healthy” Halloween treat…

These were super fun to make and ohhh so simple. I decided to decorate mine with chocolate, candy corn, and Reeses Pieces. You can really use whatever candy treats you like though!

What’s in it:

  • Green apples
  • Bag of mini caramels
  • Treats to decorate with (this is all up to you!)
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • Sticks

Unwrap all those little caramels and put them in a pot on the stove (probably invite some friends over to do this because it took forever haha.) Then add your 1 tbsp of milk to the caramels and melt them on low heat. While you are stirring the pot of caramel and waiting for it to melt, put whatever you chose to use for your stick into the apple. I used black bamboo shoots for an extra spooky look! Then, dip your apples into the caramel and cover them in a fairly thin even layer. Put your apples on a wax sheet and let dry!

If you want to add decorations with candies or chocolate, add them before the caramel on the apple hardens so you can just press them on! This Halloween treat is super fun to do with friends, and a great way to spend your Halloweekend!

Can’t wait to share more Halloween fun with you guys. 😀 Hope you are having a great week! Talk soon.





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