How to get perfect eyebrows!

This video was created due to popular request…. LOL. I feel like people always say that when nobody actually requested anything. But, in this situation it seems people are very interested in how I do my eyebrows lol. And it just so happens that I have LOTS of wisdom to share on the subtle art that is eyebrows.

This video was 45 mins long, and I condensed it into 6 minutes of goodness for your viewing pleasure.

***A quick little rant before we get started here***

One thing that has been driving me NUTS, like totally bonkers, lately is how there’s this trend of big time makeup artists doing brows FIRST.


It. Is. So. WRONG.

I had a rather ragey bit in this video that took up about 2 minutes where I went deep into why it should be illegal to do your brows first, but it took up too much time so I had to cut it in editing lol.

But alas, I WILL BE HEARD!

Let me explain why it makes NO SENSE AT ALL to do your brows first when glamming.

  1. When putting on foundation, you will move them or get foundation on them and mess them up.
  2. When concealing, the same as above.
  3. When blending, the same as above.
  4. And after you’ ve messed them up by doing steps 1 – 3, you will have to re-do them in the end anyways.

WHICH IS WHY, my brows, will always and forever be done LAST! After I’m finished with the other 6 million steps it takes to get this girl looking beat.

Phew, already feeling better now that I have gotten this out on the internet. It was necessary. Can’t be having you thinking it’s okay to start glam with your brows. The thought of it causes me severe anxiety. 💀 (<– that’s me, ded from brow anxiety.)

I need a prosecco now to recover from this traumatic experience we’ve just had here.

LOL. I kid.

But I really do feel very strongly confused at why anyone would ever do brows first.

***RANT OVER*** (and far too liberal use of caps lock in this post, apologies)

SO yeah. Back to my video and the awesome contents of said video…

I shared the BEST tips and tricks on how to get natural, bombbbbdiggity lookin’ brows in this tutorial! Some VERY REAL pro tips in here that are easy to integrate into your makeup routine.

Oh one more thing… I only used 2 PRODUCTS. Yeah, it’s actually a pretty practical and useful tutorial if I do say so myself in my entirely biased opinion. 😇

This blog just got outta hand so quick lol! Ya girl is fired up rn with all this talk of starting glam with brows.

hahahah im crazy.

That’s enough outta me tonight. 🤡

Talk soon.




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