Sometimes making just a little twist on simple things can make them pretty amazing. And I am all about having easy ways to make things a little more special. This hairstyle, for example, is one that I do quite often because it is so easy to do but still makes it look like you took the time to do something a little special with your hair. And it takes 5 minutes… max. I mean… what’s not to love?!

To do this quick look, take the upper half your hair into a nice half-ponytail. Make sure you use an elastic band that is similar to your actual hair colour so it blends in nicely. I bought these awesome Goody bands that are a “blonde” colour, and I loveeee not having that awkward black hairband in my light hair. It just looks way better I think. 

Okay back to the hair here. Once you have your half-ponytail, take the remaining hair below and tie it in a ponytail too. Now, take the top ponytail and right above you tied it with the elastic make a little split in the hair, and bring the ponytail up, over, and through the hole you made. Do the same with the bottom ponytail. Now, pull the hair from the top ponytail through the hole you made in the bottom one. Take your hands and mess up the hair a bit, and thats it! You don’t really need to mess it up but I personally always prefer my hair to be a little messy. 😛

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