Date Night Makeup Tutorial for a special milestone!

Well lookie here friends! Troy and I have been dating for a year! 💞

This little milestone definitely called for a glam tutorial dedicated to the occasion. I mean, the man has put up with my sh*t for an entire year, the very least I could do was look cute for our date. LOL. Kidding… kind of/sort of/not really. 😜

Troy if you are reading this (I honestly don’t know if he reads my blog LOL) you’re the best. And I love you very much. ❤

ANYWHO (I won’t bore you with gushy stuff), this glam was done with just a few products, because I am working with a small portion of my makeup kit while traveling here in Costa Rica. And carrying around the small amount of makeup I brought honestly still feels like way too much. It gets so heavy!!

So I was kind of forced to design this look with just a few products. And, I wanted to make it easy so that you can do it at home as well. In all my makeup tutorials I really try and clearly explain my steps, so that you can get the same result!

Does it help?? Have you recreated one of my looks? Or, used any of the tips and are now obsessed? TELLLLL MEEEE!!! I would legit be shook if you sent me a pic recreating one of my looks. SHOOK TO THE CORE. So pls do 🙂 Or just slide into my insta dms. You know how it isssss.


Today is officially the last day of our two weeks in Santa Teresa, and we are moving on to Montezuma tomorrow! Then to Jaco. Going to be a busy weekend cuz I will be VLOGGING DA WHOLE THINGGGGG (love vlogs, they are so fun) and we will be moving around lots. Can’t wait to see the next AirBnb we have booked, it has MAJOR jungle treehouse vibes.







PS: Please give my video a “THUMBS UP” on youtube!! Still new to the YT game and that helps me lots 💗

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