8:29 | July 3, 2020



Whistler, Canada has such a special place in my heart. I actually grew up in North Vancouver and downhill ski raced at Whistler. So I am very familiar with the area and figured it was about time to feature this gorgeous Canadian ski town on my travel vlog!

Whistler is so incredible because it is truly a year-round location. In the winter skiing is obviously the main activity. But the summers in Whistler? That is a special kind of magic. There are tons of lakes around Whistler, my favourites being Green Lake & Alta Lake. We visit both in today’s Whistler travel vlog!

So excited to make new summer memories here in Whistler! I have had so many incredible experiences in this magical place, and it feels like there is always more to explore and discover here.

If you liked this summer 2020 Whistler travel vlog, make sure you head over to YouTube and give the video a thumbs up! Hope you are doing well, stay safe out there my friends.

8:17 | July 3, 2020



Ladner Creek Trestle is a very “instagram famous” spot about two hours from downtown Vancouver, Canada. My friend James and I decided to give it a visit the other day and see what all the hype was about! This place was truly so so beautiful, but also terrifying at the same time.

When I had imagined visiting Ladner Creek Trestle, I thought I would be whimsically walking across the bridge, spinning around.. ETC. You know, doing what I do. But in reality.. this thing is TERRIFYING! My heart was beating at about a million miles per minutes just being near the bridge. It’s also very old and not super safe, so if you choose to visit this place PLEASE be safe. I crawled my way out for a photo but it definitely was not the safest situation ahah.

Either way, fantastic day here in British Columbia!

2:32 | June 21, 2020



Alouette Lake is about an hour drive outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. My friend James and I decided to check it out for today’s Canadian travel vlog.

If you are looking for an easy daytrip or quick getaway from Vancouver, Alouette Lake is a fantastic option. There are campsites, a very accessible boat launch, bathrooms, and obviously stunning views. The best view of the lake and the mountains is from the middle. So if you have access to a boat, highly recommend bringing it along!

We ended up paddling all the way to the other side of the lake, and doing some exploring over there too. Was so beautiful but the mosquitos definitely started coming out at dusk lol! For some reason they love me, so I have tons of bites after this adventure day.

I’d love to go back to Alouette Lake one day and try out their campsites. Not usually a fan of camping on government organized sites (usually overcrowded imo), but these ones were actually really nicely spread out. Tons of forest around, and overall really beautiful.

Make sure to let me know if you visit (or have visited) Alouette Lake, and what you think! Also if you want to see more photos from this travel vlog, check out my instagram!

4:50 | June 16, 2020



Bowen Island is definitely the best island in BC! This summer is off to a fantastic start with all this Canadian travel. In today’s Canadian travel vlog 2020, I share my favourite parts of Bowen Island. We visit a few different restaurants, beaches, and even a beautiful lighthouse.

This was such a fun day with my friend Laura Reid, and was actually our last day visiting the island! We already have a trip planned back for later in the summer, to check out a cool looking retreat we found. Thank you for watching my Bowen Island travel vlog series, I hope you enjoyed! Cheers to more Canada vlogs, coming your way soon 🙂

8:26 | June 11, 2020



Bowen Island is the best Vancouver daytrip location I’ve explored yet. Just a 20 minute ferry ride away from the city of Vancouver, British Columbia and you will be at this gorgeous island. Bowen Island is best known for their beautiful beaches, lakes, hikes, and of course.. the restaurants.

In today’s Bowen Island travel vlog, my friend Laura Reid and I explore this beautiful Pacific Northwest island without a plan. We really wanted to see what we could come across… without any particular destination in mind. Sometimes adventuring without a plan can be a really fun and interesting way to explore somewhere new.

I get questions sometimes on my videos asking if every video location is pre-planned and organized. The answer is sometimes. When I have flown across the world and invested a lot of time and energy into a trip, I usually plan out each day so I can make sure I see the things I want to see. Within that plan, I leave room for exploring with NO plan! Those days usually end up being some of my favourites. But today, since we are so close to home, we really wanted to wander Bowen Island and ohhhh boy was it ever amazing.

In this Canadian travel vlog you will see why Bowen Island is the best daytrip to do from Vancouver. You really don’t need a plan or a map to have an incredible day. If you want to know more about what equipment I used to film this video (and all videos featured on my YouTube!) make sure you check out this blog post. I go through all the travel vlog gear I use and why.